Overcome Cartridge Shortages With Robnor ResinLab’s Twinpack Packaging

Many industrial users are facing problems sourcing plastic cartridges and static mixers for their resin systems. An industry-wide material shortage has led to some cartridges becoming unavailable, or with extended lead times for new orders.

However, Robnor ResinLab have a solution to help users overcome these supply chain issues and keep production lines running. Our expert product chemists can repackage two-component materials into a twinpack packaging system instead.

What are Twinpacks?

Made of a strong, chemical-resistant film, twinpacks are a great alternative to cartridges and static mixers. The two-component pouches are designed for storing, mixing, and dispensing materials such as polyurethanes, epoxies, and silicones.  They are not restricted to specific ratios or sizes and can be adapted to fit the user’s application requirements.

Benefits of Twinpack Packaging

This highly convenient packaging option is easy to use and can save valuable production time. The materials are pre-weighed into their correct mixing ratios before being packaged into the pouch. When ready to use, users will simply remove the clip and rod to mix components together safely and reliably. As this mixing process is done within the twinpack packaging, it reduces the handling of chemicals as well as limiting material waste and mess.

Additionally, twinpacks also provide cost savings for end-users. Once the material is mixed within the pack, it will fully cure and become inert meaning there is no hazardous waste disposal costs. This is an advantage over cartridge systems as they often leave behind a small amount of unmixed material which then must be disposed of in accordance with national guidelines.

If a twinpack is not the right option for the specific material needs, then Robnor ResinLab also offer several other custom packaging solutions for a variety of adhesives, encapsulants and specialty chemicals. No matter the requirements, we will strive to provide the most efficient packaging option for every application.

To make an enquiry about twinpacks or any other custom packaging from Robnor ResinLab, contact us below.