Brand New Service: Pre-Mixed & Frozen Resins

Our new Pre-Mixed Frozen Resins service could significantly increase productivity on your production line…

What are Pre-Mixed & Frozen Resins?

Basically, we’re talking about two-component materials that are prepared on your behalf.
The highly trained staff at Robnor ResinLab will mix, degas, weigh and package the 2K system so you don’t need to.

What about the ‘frozen’ part?

Once the hard work is done and your materials are good-to-go, we’ll preserve them in dry ice until you are ready use them!

What are the benefits of Pre-Mixed & Frozen Resins?

Pre-mixed and frozen (PMF) packages are an extremely convenient and reliable packaging option for end-users.
Two component materials provide an incredibly high strength bond, but there’s no denying the process of mixing and preparing them can be a struggle.
With the PMF resins service from Robnor ResinLab the following hassles are eliminated:

No more working against the clock             

No more worries about getting the mix ratio correct

No more excess material                             

No more stressing over human error and hold ups on your production line

No more cleaning

What’s Left to be Done?

Almost nothing…
The PMF resins are delivered straight to your premises in a specially designed carton with full insulation.
All you need to do is follow the instructions we provide on thawing and storage.

Contact us today to find out more about our Pre-Mixed Frozen Resins Service.