New Product Launch: GR100 and GR200 Safety Focused Resins

Robnor ResinLab, leading formulator of epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, has today announced the launch of two safety focused resins.

New for 2017, GR100 and GR200 are both non-hazardous and have hazard free labelling, making them the safest resins we have ever manufactured.

Why Introduce Safety Focused Resins?

Our Technical Manager, Michael Buy, explains the driving force behind their development. “In recent years we’ve noted an increasing reticence towards hazardous chemicals, and it was important for us to respond to this change. Our customers are seeking safer, more environmental solutions, and with our new resins, GR100 and GR200, we can provide exactly that.”

Key Properties of GR100 and GR200

Free from Isocyanate or Plasticiser, GR100 and GR200 have been designed as an alternative option to polyurethanes, for applications such as potting, encapsulation and cable jointing.

Easy to mix and pour, GR100 and GR200 provide good electrical resistance and excellent water resistance – offering a quarter the absorption time over the same exposure time.

With a cure temperature of just 0˚, GR100 and GR200 offer good low temperature flexibility, curing at a much lower point than many competing epoxies and polyurethanes. Post-cure, the materials retain a slight stickiness, which may aid adhesion to certain substrates.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Resins?

Both new products have fast gel and demould times – GR200 cures after only 1 hour while GR100 has a cure time of 3 hours. Furthermore, these materials have the additional benefit of curing without exotherm, meaning that curing is possible in thick or thin sections.

GR100 is the softer of the two materials with a hardness of A10, compared to GR200 with a shore classification of A30–35. Thanks to their flexible property, the cured material can always be cut or dug out, enabling easy access to the protected components and the ability to replace the materials if required.

Robnor ResinLab GR100 and 200 are available to order now and can be purchased in bulk, as a twin pack or as a kit.

Enquire today about our Safety Focused Resins.